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With a New Year Comes Change

A New Year not only represents a new calendar year, for many it also symbolizes a time of change. Reassessing what’s going on in their lives and what change, if any do they want to introduce. It’s usually the most common time for new job opportunities or changes to occur. Recently several members in the community have made some significant moves. Anything from different companies, geographic locations, roles, and others just taking a sabbatical. While these types of job changes aren’t easy, they’re needed to get us to the next step of our journey.

With that said I’m making a change of my own. I’m excited to be joining VMware today as a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer (TME) – Implementation Lead. This role reports into the Cloud Platform Business Unit (CPBU), which is part of the R&D organization. I’ll be working alongside a great team that includes awesome folks like Mike Foley and Adam Eckerle.

What exactly will I be doing? This role is a little different from your typical TME role at VMware. It’s more of a hybrid role. I’ll be working with customers on VMware product implementations and providing customer feedback. Like a consultant, but not having to worry about the billable hours. Along with the typical TME duties of providing collateral, blogging, speaking, etc. My initial focus will be vCenter Server, specifically the vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA). I’ll be helping with new deployments as well as migrations from Windows. The VCSA is the future and I’m excited to be one of its advocates.

I want to thank all those who provided me advice and support for my career growth, you know who you are. I’m really excited about the opportunity and the people that I’ll get to work with. Feels like I’ve gone from playing at the Lego store with access to certain bricks to the factory 🙂

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