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VMware VCP6-DCV Beta Availability

VCP6-DCV is now ready to be taken, well sort of. The exam is in beta and requires authorization. The other thing that I noticed is there is currently no blueprint to download. Instead there are tabs labeled: Exam Topics, How to Prepare, and Additional Resources.

The Exam Topics are broken into 10 sections. Each with collapsable objectives with links to the corresponding documentation. This resembles the blueprint, but is not downloadable. The how to prepare is just recommended training classes. Of the two recommended courses listed, the ICM6 is the only one currently available. Additional Resources are links to the VCP forum, VMware Press, etc. How does one find this information?

First go to http://mylearn.vmware.com/portals/certification/ and select VCP6-DCV (only one currently available) under the certification roadmap.

If you are new to virtualization or have never taken a VCP exam then the Requirements tab is for you. There is an explanation of which exams to take and request for the beta authorization. The VCP6-DCV now requires two exams: VCP6-Foundation & VCP6-DCV. The exception to this rule is if you are currently a VCP. Current VCPs can choose to take one exam. Which includes the VCP6-DCV Delta or the VCP6-DCV. It looks like the difference between exams is number of questions. The Delta is only 75 questions compared to 100 questions for the other exams. If your VCP has expired then its two exams for you. This information is under the Migration Paths tab. There is also a Testimonials tab and FAQ tab but with limited information as of today.

There is currently no word on how long the beta will be available. I will say it does come at a nice price point of $50 no matter which exam(s) you take. With the beta exam you only get one shot and if failed then you must wait until the exam is GA. No scores will be provided, only pass or failed. Hopefully the blueprint will be downloadable once the exam is GA. Exam authorization takes roughly 15mins. All the exams are currently proctored. There is currently no word yet if the Delta or any other exam will have the option of being taken from home like the VCP5-DCV Delta exam. Keep in mind that if you have a VCAP, taking and passing the VCIX exam you will get the VCP6-DCV as well. Good luck for those who plan on taking the exam. I’m sure more details in regards to this beta will be available soon. Especially after the VCIX exams become available.

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