Printing #migrate2vcsa Stickers and Apparel

Happy New Year! 2016 was a big year for the vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA). We now have officially supported Migration Tools in vSphere 6.0 U2m and vSphere 6.5. With the release of vSphere 6.5, the VCSA has surpassed its Windows counterpart in terms of features and performance. Then there was the hot swag that debuted at both VMworld US and Barcelona, in the form of stickers and shirts. Yes, there were hoodies too 🙂


I get daily requests asking where can I get a hold of images used to make the shirts, hoodies, and stickers. The gremlin character that was used during VMworld US has been retired and is not available for distribution. Long live the gremlin! What I can share are the PNG and EPS (vector) images for the penguin from VMworld Barcelona to print your own swag and/or stickers. I used Stickermule to print the stickers in die cut, which makes them look so much better than the regular ones. If you just want to print stickers here is the Stickermule link, just enter the quantity and place your order. There will be more hotness coming in 2017!

Download PNG File
Download EPS File


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